• Cleanse the Planet. Help eliminate petrochemical and plastic pollution.

• Use the most abundant molecule in the Universe.

Improve  the health of humanity and clean the Planet.

• The planet is overheating. Help us stop this now!

“This scheme of combustion in order to get power makes me sick to think of – it is so wasteful. Sunshine is a form of energy, and the winds and the tides.....There must surely come a time when heat and power will be stored in unlimited quantities in every community, all gathered by natural forces. I’ll do the trick myself if someone doesn’t get at it.”
Thomas Edison

Leased machines only.

Service Center in vicinity monitors, controls & services the installation

Monthly payments are automated

Multiple revenue streams are generated

Initial survey, Lease, service, Recovered saleable materials, Carbon Credits and offset sales.

Metrics Monitored Remotely

All wireless connections are fully controllable at distance at Service Centers placed in vicinity of the deployed machines. Payments are ACH type automatic deductions.

Molecular Energy

  • No electrical input

  • Minimal moving parts

  • Leveraging powers of physics and chemistry.

  • Forcing oxidization of Aluminium in water

  • Splitting the water into its atomic elements (H, O)

  • Generating Thermal Energy (heat) thereby

  • Feeding H2 directly into a fuel cell, which… 

  • Delivers Direct Current, or via an inverter, Alternating Current electricity to the building, vehicles, factory, mine or community.

  • No central electrical grid or Diesel or Petrol generators needed!


The application of our technology cuts across several industries. Its utility is enormous and far-reaching.  From real Estate to Green mining. This speaks to the great potential in what we are doing. Below is a glimpse into the power of how this technology can be applied to different energy demanding industries.


Water supply becomes green renewable low-cost base load power.

Insurance, tax, debt savings via new efficiency scores being drafted now.

Mortgage costs can be lower for residential properties.

Building avoids fees, penalties by going ‘zero carbon’ now.

Machines are leased; operating costs are lower than grid.

Transportation - Land & Sea

Partner selection is underway with shipping companies.

Aviation, Trains, Trucks, 

Splitting the water in which the vessels are floating and travelling to power the whole vessel.

All sizes of ships: from yachts to freighters to container ships.

CO2 from Ocean to produce green methane” Jet fuel syngas.

Military uses are potentially significant.


Scoping (engineering) fees initially

Modular Mobile Scalable, less permitting required

Monthly revenues

Remote control machinery

Service centres in mining districts collect the recovered toxic pollutants from tailings

Further precipitate them in house to collect saleable quantities

Of clays, pigments, acids, precious metals, etc.

Anticipate regulatory support for our business.

Molecular Energy powers our machines & the mining equipment.

Several revenue streams to LDI

Environmental Remediation

Once in the local state’s

dialogue, this issue will become

a cause celebre for politicians.

Liabilities increase.

Breakthrough Technology

ESG infrastructure muni bond finance in the USA & EU

UK (with EU USA)

CO2 from ocean to derive sustainable zero carbon synfuel

IOT machine controls with native cyber security

Blockchain functionality for payments, carbon credits and transparency.

Saline battery backup

The Offer to Investors Today

Coupon 5%

Convertible at investor’s option to public listing At $5/share

Anticipated listing at $10/share

Large Infrastructure Loan to fully capitalize LDI

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Worldwide Team of highly experienced Research and Developers.


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